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Dufour 36 « Port of La Spezia »

The ORC World Championship, which took place in the Dorica navy base of Ancona, ended with the participation of more than 115 boats.


The Dufour 36, « Port of La Spezia », whose owner is Silvano Botti of the Settemari Yacht dealership, came to the 7th rank in its own category, despite of the very bad weather, which influenced the continuity of the results.


MR. Serio, The Dufour-Yachts' CEO,who was present during the last days of the championship, is very pleased about these results because of the late decision to participate in these championships, and of the preparation of the crew made in less than one week.


The shipowner thanks the businesses who supported him: CGI Finance, Alvström Sails Porte Lotos, Pantaenius Assurances, Arome Group, Vitasol, Facnor, Marins Harduware.

He particularly thanks the architect Umberto Felci and the crew. »