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New dealer in Sweden

With sadness Dufour Yachts announces that Tore Becker, our long standing dealer in Stockholm, has passed away earlier this week.

Going forward, Gashaga Marina will ensure the distribution of Dufour Yachts in Sweden.

Gashaga Marina is one of Stockholm's largest full service boatyards with decades of experience, and will be based in AB Beckerbat’s offices for the Dufour boats distribution.

«I am delighted to ensure the continuity of our presence in Sweden with a recognized professional as Anders Almén, with even improved installations and presence"says Salvatore Serio, Dufour Yachs’s CEO.

"We are happy and proud to continue to develop the brand as AB Beckerbat assured so well in the last years. The brand is well known, Dufour manufactures quality boats with a large expertise since 1964 and now celebrates 50 year anniversary. We will be able to deliver them with pride and give customers peace of mind in their ownership" says Anders Almén, Gåshaga Marina’s CEO.

The dealer will have the pleasure to receive you for its open doors, 22nd and 23rd of February, from 11am to 5pm.

During the boat show "Allt För Sjön", Gashaga Marina will be exhibiting three yachts, the new Dufour 310 GL, as well as the Dufour 380 GL, and last but not least, the Dufour 410 GL, and will propose a tasting of oysters and champagne. 


Anders Almén, 070-7577787, Thomas Hannerz, 073-5108561