Feb 1, 2013

Dufour 36 - European Yacht of Year 2013

Dufour Yachts is proud to announce that the Dufour 36 Performance was elected European Yacht of the Year 2013.

The other competitors were the Grand Soleil 39, the XP 50, the Sly 38 and the MC34 Patton.

Since her launch in Paris 2011, the Dufour 36 Performance has put down an impressive track record : major regattas have been won across the globe (France, US, Sweden, ...) and she won both the Boat of the Year Best Crossover award in the US (Sailing World) as well as the very prestigious European Yacht of the Year 2013.

Later on this year she will also participate in the IRC ORC World Championship in Ancona in June.