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02 January 2022 - STUDIO INTERVIEWS

#LiveWebcasts #Ep5 🎬 Dufour 32 | Back to the sea trial of this new sailing yacht !


Dufour 32 | A great award announced at the Nautic for this new sailing yacht

For this #Live Dufour #5, let’s find out how the Dufour 32 sea trials went. François-Xavier de Crécy, editor-in-chief of Voile Magazine, accompanied by Nicolas Bérenger, Dufour’s Sales Director, look back at these tests carried out in La Rochelle.

🏆 Beware, a nice scoop, for this new unit at the end of the interview!

In a few words, the Dufour 32 is a modern, playful boat, it is a play platform, it is an extension of the house. Nicolas Bérenger 

We wanted to reward the Dufour 32, its innovations, its many fun features, its way of sailing, the fact that it is connected, with a new prize: the Innovation Prize. François-Xavier de Crécy 

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