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16 noviembre 2020 - NOTICIAS Y PRODUCTOS



Dufour Owners’ photo competition 2020 is now over.

Congratulations to everyone for your beautiful photos and many reportages shared with all the community.


Announcement of the “Instinctive Sailing” Prize

Because in just two photos, you find what Dufour yachts can give us: pleasure, great experiences and sensations.

Because heeling over and sea spray are the signature of Dufour yachts, our favorite are from Xavier Lelardeux, sailing on his #Dufour360… bravo and thank you for the emotions triggered by this upwind shots in the Bay of Saint Tropez.

Announcement of the “Anchorage” Prize

Aboard his #Dufour45, Endre Markussen takes us to the Lofoten Islands in Norway, an archipelago between land and sea. The prize for the most beautiful anchorage goes to him for this magnificent photo which gives us the feeling of freedom and wide-open spaces we are all looking for.

Congratulations and thank you Endre Markussen for this picture which we simply want to enlarge. The light, the reflections, your Dufour yacht, they are all perfect!

Announcement of the “Lifestyle” Prize

The Lifestyle prize of our 2020 contest goes to Stefan De Munck and his #Dufour40 for this genuine view of his house in Lelystad, Netherlands.

Congratulations and thank you Stefan De Munck for your shot, and this invitation to your home… Who hasn’t dreamed one day to have his sailboat at the end of the garden?


We will soon announce the Winner of the Special Prize «Reportage».

Thanks again and Bravo, and especially, take care of yourself,

Dufour Team.