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Dufour Yachts DNA

Constantly looking to the future, Dufour as a boat Manufacturer, designs each new model to provide pleasure and feel in complete serenity, whatever your cruising project and however you use your yacht. For over 60 years, we have been designing and building innovative, high-performance sailing boats. Marked by an assertive character and an identity recognisable among the crowd, Dufour yachts suit your desires and your boating programme to offer you amazing and comfortable sailing experiences and the pride of owning an elegant and safe yacht from an emblematic brand…

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Our range of sailing yachts

The Dufour range of sailing boats comprises 9 iconic models, designed to suit every sailing programme. For long-term family cruising, or enjoyable weekends along the coast, or for racing and pushing the experience of heeling to the max. For over 60 years, Dufour yachts has a boat manufacturer have demonstrated their adaptability and versatility through beautiful innovations.

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Dufour Virtual marina

Just as if you were really there… Embark aboard the model of your choice from the Dufour sailing yacht range thanks to an immersive tour that begins on the pontoons of the new Dufour Virtual Marina, offering the most realistic visiting experience ever! Exterior views of the range, visits from the deck of the boats to the interior by choosing the Vintage and the version that suits you… Everything is brought together to offer you a complete and interactive opportunity to discover the range from the comfort of your own home…

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Dufour Sailing boats experience

Owners of Dufour sailing boats are sailing all the seas of the world… Because their stories are our greatest pride and joy… Because these sailing stories are for us the best proof that the Dufour experience is both unique and shared… We invite you to discover, through real stories, Instagram photos or even from the Dufour community site, a glimpse of what life on board a Dufour Yacht is all about…

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Environmental commitments

Dufour is committed to preserving the oceans and marine wildlife, and is launching with Fountaine Pajot, its own collaborative innovation platform #ODSeaLab. An accelerator of technological solutions whose goal is to transform production processes and the choice of materials, and mainly to implement innovations in renewable energy production, electricity storage and the electrification of propulsion and life on board..

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Why choose a sailing boat from Dufour Yachts?

Elegant lines, exceptional marine performance, sleek design, comfortable living spaces, a wide choice of models… These are just some of the promises made to you when you buy a boat by Dufour Yachts.

Whether you enjoy boating with friends and family, long-distance cruising, or you’re more into racing, you’ll always find a boat from Dufour Yachts that’s just right for you.

For decades now, Dufour has been committed to designing and building yachts with character that place innovation, performance and comfort at the heart of its work.

Dufour yachts also offer modular interior designs and flexibility when it comes to equipment. Each yacht can offer a combination of layouts, ambiances and equipment to suit the different sailing projects of its owner.

Buying a boat by Dufour means opting for an incomparable sailing experience, aboard a comfortable and elegant yacht that will provide you with an unforgettable and rich sailing experience.

Where are Dufour Yachts built?

Dufour’s historic shipyard at La Rochelle on France’s Atlantic coast is the birthplace of every Dufour yacht. All the boats that leave our nautical workshops meet the most stringent of quality requirements. The renowned build quality of our sailing boats is the result of long experience in the boatbuilding industry and the unwavering passion of our teams to design and build ever more innovative yachts.

Buying a boat by Dufour Yachts is above all the answer to a quest for excellence. The 100% French know-how of our brand is translated in the construction of boats for both recreational sailing and water sports.

We offer you the opportunity to sail aboard yachts that combine comfort, elegance and safety, with several ranges to suit your needs and desires.

Where can I find a Dufour luxury yacht for sale?

Are you interested in yachting, blue water cruising, recreational sailing, and boating in general? Would you like to buy a sailing yacht from Dufour Yachts?

If you’re thinking of buying a yacht and becoming the owner of a luxury sailing boat, our yachts are distributed throughout France and around the world. In France, you can find a Dufour Yachts dealer on all the French coasts, in Belgium and near the Swiss lakes. Internationally, our partner dealerships are present on every continent, so that yachtsmen all over the world can discover the excellence of our sailboats.

The many boat shows we attend, along with our private events, are also an excellent opportunity to step aboard our yachts and enjoy an immersive and exclusive experience.

Come and discover how Dufour will enhance your yachting experience and let you sail differently and discover life on board in a new light with your future boat from Dufour Yachts!