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We experience the sea with passion. At the Dufour shipyard, we design and build cruising yachts to help you achieve or support you in your sailing and cruising projects. Sailing in a Dufour means choosing a certain lifestyle at sea, specific to each Dufour Owner. Harmony with nature, a keen sense of the sea and a search for comfort and space… The Dufour family is made up of over 16 000 boats that have sailed or are sailing all the seas of the world, and even more sailors who are sharing the Dufour experience…

Instinctive sailing


Out on the ocean lies a world of sensation.
A primal connection to elements that liberates body and soul.

To set sail is to answer the siren call of the sea.
With your hand on the tiller you experience something incredibly rare, a coming together of man, boat and nature that’s totally instinctive.

Imagine the sound of the hull cutting effortlessly through the water as you steer your course; the feel of the sea breeze pushing past you as you accelerate with the wind in your sails; the sight of the vast ocean and sky as you make headway into the blue.

Setting sail with Dufour is an adventure in superior sailing. It’s guarantee of uncompromising seaworthy excellence that never stints on comfort levels. It’s a dedication to exhilarating performance that’s easy to achieve through highly responsive intuitive design. And it’s promise of good value that doesn’t compromise on durability. By finely balancing these elements, Dufour assures you of a sailing experience that delivers pure, unadulterated sensation.

Now’s the time to embrace your instincts to feel truly alive in the moment.
The ocean is out there waiting. Are your ready to connect ?

The adventures of Dufour Owners on Instagram

Sharing is one of the common values between all sailors, and it is as strong as ever today. Many Dufour owners share their cruising stories, advice and experiences on Instagram. For us, this is the best proof that life on a Dufour yacht is an incomparable adventure…

More photos and posts of Dufour Owners around the world to come...

Dufour Owners Testimonies

Your turn to share your experience

Many Dufour Owners have joined the DUFOUR Community website and are sharing photos and locations of their Dufour cruising with the rest of the community. The Dufour family is growing every day and we are very proud of this. Whether you are a new Owner, an Owner for many years, whether you own one of the first Dufour Yachts, a pre-owned Dufour sailboat or have bought new, join us by registering for our Club. It takes just a couple of minutes and you will enjoy many privileged Dufour services.

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