Why choose a distinctive design yacht ?

Sailing boats with a distinctive design

For more than 50 years, Dufour yachts have been synonymous with swift, joyful sailing and beautiful lines. But behind the gleaming finish is always an exceptionally stable and comfortable yacht that makes the perfect companion for any cruising programme.

Umberto Felci: a legendary designer

Design is at the very heart of Dufour. Since 2002 the yard has worked closely with the legendary designer Umberto Felci, whose name is inextricably wrapped up with race-winning cruising yachts. He brought a fresh aesthetic flair to Dufour, setting new standards for the whole industry as he did so. Now the merger with renowned catamaran builder Fountaine Pajot has further invigorated the design team. The new boats are an inspiring fusion of beguiling looks, exciting performance and ergonomic details.

The Dufour signature

Throughout the history of this storied shipyard, it has always been possible to spot a Dufour yacht from afar, simply by virtue of its looks. Those hallmarks may have changed as the design language evolved, but they have always been distinctive. In the Umberto Felci era, the hard chines and narrow waterline beam are unmistakeable, always allied to an elegant, integrated bowsprit. The coachroof has an efficient, low profile, all signed with minimal, harmonious lines.

Elegance and volume below

When it comes to the interior, Dufour yachts are every bit as unique. Bright and spacious, of course. The yard’s designers have perfected the art of the necessary – restrained, minimal joinery rather than fussy detailing and surplus features that slow you down. But don’t mistake clean design for simplicity. Comfort and quality is a given, as is the choice of a configuration to suit your cruising plans.

Performance is in the genes

Dufour’s origins in the passion of an amateur racer endure to this day in the boats’ sleek looks. From the early days of Michel Dufour’s first 21-foot Sylph to the new DUFOUR 61 flagship, these yachts have always been fast and responsive to sail.

A unique hull design

Michel Dufour’s designs were instrumental in popularising sailing during the 1960s. He was fascinated by the novel technique of building in polyester and glass. Over the years, the shipyard has remained the benchmark when it comes to ‘savoir-faire’, with a production line focused on quality and precision. It is the same for every one of our craftspeople, from the joiners to the riggers, supported by cutting-edge technology and always driven by a spirit of innovation.

Every element carefully balanced

Safety and comfort is nothing without the joy of quick passages and lively handling. Dufour understood this from the off, and has always balanced lifestyle with performance. Careful design marries an exciting helm with a stable hull form; a choice of rigging styles; and an options list that can keep you going for weeks during an ocean crossing or provide just what you need for a restorative weekend of coastal cruising.

French to the core

Dufour has been building yachts on the same site for more than 50 years. And that site is planted firmly at the heart of France’s vibrant marine tradition, in the city of La Rochelle. Among the yard’s 450 local employees, there are several who have devoted their entire working lives to the brand and are sailors themselves. In this way, every Dufour yacht is the expression of a rich history and an even richer savoir-faire. French through-and-through.

Shared values

When you buy a Dufour, you aren’t simply buying a boat. You are joining many thousands of previous owners who understand the importance of instinctive boat handling allied to comfort, safety and an elegant, balanced design.

A common passion

From Polynesia to Porquerolles, Dufour yachts are cherished and sailed hard by demanding, knowledgeable owners. Owners from every walk of life who share something ineffable: that thrill as the wind fills in and the boat heels; joy at the tang of salt spray; and a respect for nature and her elements. Expect to be greeted wherever you moor your Dufour. For as many owners have discovered, once you join the Dufour family, you may never want to leave.

Versatility and innovation

Every DUFOUR yacht owner has different priorities and sailing aspirations. That’s why each model in the Dufour range offers a variety of layouts, equipment levels and rigging types to suit any cruising programme.

Choose your rig and deck plan

Now Dufour goes even further… by offering three rig and deck plan profiles for its new models. EASY stands for comfort and simplicity, with a self-tacking jib and an optional German mainsheet system. The winches and clutches are all positioned on the coaming.

The OCEAN offers more trimming possibilities, with key controls on the coachroof, and within reach of the helms. And the PERFORMANCE option includes a taller mast and a bigger sail area, with the sheeting point for the main at the end of the boom. There’s also premium deck gear and the option of a deeper keel.

Choose your layout

Dufour is exceptionally flexible when it comes to the interior configuration of a new boat. A young family might want bunks for the kids, with a luxurious master at the bow, for instance. While charter owners often prefer two cabins forward and the extra bathroom. The yard has pioneered rare choice in the position of the galley, as well.

Choose your ‘millésime’

In order to be in tune with all Dufour owners around the world, the design office, in association with Umberto Felci’s firm of naval architecture, has developed three design trends for three different atmospheres. This cross-functional project applies to all Dufour models to suit all desires. The Boston style is dedicated to those who appreciate traditional aesthetics, but with the soft atmosphere of sailing yachts enhanced by a touch of modernity and perfect lines right down to the finishes. The Europe theme evokes a very contemporary way of life that can be found in today’s finest houses, hotels and luxury yachts. As for the Millenium, it reinterprets the interior elegance of Dufour yachts with an assertive trendy touch for fans of modernity, version 2.0. The electric blue fabrics of the sofas and the metal aspect of certain details are a testament to this.