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16 November 2020 - NEWS & PRODUCTS



Announcement of the “Reportage” Prize


Many of you have shared with us some unique moments aboard your Dufour yachts this summer. Such unique moments, that we have decided to add a fourth category: the special “Reportage” Prize.

The series of photos sent in by Samuli Siivonen is a veritable portfolio.

Aboard his #Dufour375, Samuli Siivonen and his family take us on a journey through the chilly waters and the sublime light of Norway.

In his reportage, we find what each Dufour sailboat brings to its owner: a connection to the sea and to nature; beautiful memories and moments shared with family and friends.

Bravo and thank you Samuli Siivonen, these pictures tell us a story, one that we’d love to follow further…

Once again, a big thank you to everyone for participating in our contest and sharing your emotions through your photos.

In order to continue this moment, we will be delighted to be able to share your experience through short reportages. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again and Bravo !