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26 December 2021 - STUDIO INTERVIEWS

#LiveWebcasts #Ep3 🎬 Dufour | A community of enthusiasts sailors


Dufour | A community of enthusiats sailors #Dufour34

Let’s talk to the owner of a Dufour 34 Performance, Mr Hautebas, who is faithful to the Dufour brand. He is the initiator, with three other owners, of the Dufour 34 Community, which brings together more than 200 passionate owners throughout the world. He tells us about the Dufour Community, his yacht and his encounters with marine animals. Fascinating!

I wanted a 10-metre sailing boat that sailed well, that was alive.

The most beautiful memories are a little bit every day. It’s sunsets, it’s sunrises, it’s meeting whales, it’s meeting dolphins. Jérome Hautebas

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