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10 January 2022 - STUDIO INTERVIEWS

#LiveWebcasts #Ep9 🎬 Dufour 34 | Single-handed sailing …


Dufour | When sailing is also practiced alone to offer unique moments … 

Thibaud, owner of a Dufour 34 Performance and used to solo crossings of the Mediterranean, tells us more about how to equip his boat for this type of navigation. We will also talk about marine performance, solar energy on board his #Dufour34, the most beautiful memories of his cruise and unusual but magnificent encounters with marine animals!

I was looking for a boat that would be pleasant to sail, but that would also be efficient in regattas. 

I love to sail around Corsica and down to the Lavezzi and Sardinia … I would love to go to the Balearics. Thibaud 

🗓 New episodes will follow very soon … 

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