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04 January 2022 - STUDIO INTERVIEWS

#LiveWebcasts #Ep6 🎬 Dufour | Boat office and school on board


Dufour | Living on board my sailing boat in during COVID … 

The passion for sailing is ageless!

Let’s embark with Stéphane and his daughter Lucie in this #Live Dufour. Boat office and school aboard their #Dufour382GL are on the agenda of this new webcast. Stéphane will also talk about eco-navigation and sailing projects. Thanks to both of them for this great testimonial.

A few years after our first experience, the sailing virus came knocking at the door. Stéphane

It was great to be able to have the sea as a playground and recreation area. Lucie

📣 A Dufour Webcast to talk about #Sailors, #Innovations and to talk about #You