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06 January 2022 - STUDIO INTERVIEWS

#LiveWebcasts #Ep7 #NauticDeParis 🎬 Dufour 470 | Nominated for “European Boat of the Year”


Dufour 470 | Nominated for “European Boat of the Year

For this #Live Dufour #7, let’s meet Loic Madeline, editor-in-chief of Voiles et Voiliers magazine and Stéphane Villessot, Dufour France and Belgium sales manager. These two passionate sailing experts tell us about the press trials of the Dufour 470, which has been selected to be voted “European Yacht of the Year”.

Ideal conditions in La Rochelle for this sea trial . Let’s discuss technique, attention to detail and innovations in this new episode!

It is a cruiser, a sailing boat that is available in three or four cabins. It is a boat that can be declined in a more performing version, thanks to its sails or its fittings. Stéphane Villessot 

The Dufour 470 is a large sailing boat. This means that it is a very long boat, which means that it can also be used for long voyages, such as crossing the Atlantic. Loic Madeline

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