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08 Dec 2023 - 21 Dec 2023 - STUDIO INTERVIEWS


We’d like to invite you to enjoy a new experience at home, while we look forward to seeing you at the first boat shows of 2024.

Exclusive online webcasts for you!

We’d like to invite you to enjoy a new experience at home, while we look forward to seeing you at the first boat shows of 2024.

From 8th December, you’ll be able to discover “Dufour Nautic Days” online, a series of programmes dedicated to sailing and cruising.

Join us from the comfort of your own home for a series of personal accounts, in-depth discussions and exclusive interviews with a host of guests.

If you’re passionate about the world of sailing yachts and monohulls, if you’re in the process of buying one, if you’re preparing to set off blue water cruising, if you want to know everything there is to know about building a sailboat or about hybrid boating, don’t miss these new Dufour webcasts!

Registration is open now. You can already sign up and reserve your slot for the Dufour Nautic Days online of your choice.

#1 – Routing and weather forecasting: preparing for a family cruise or a single-handed passage

Christian Dumard, weather router and founder of Marine Weather Intelligence, will be our special guest on this fascinating subject. He’ll be chatting to Nicolas Bérenger, Dufour sales director and competitor in major single-handed ocean races such as La solitaire du Figaro. These two great yachtsmen will explain how to manage your sailing plans in the best possible way, taking all the parameters into account, particularly the weather.

Who’s never been caught out by a passing front?

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#2 – Dufour 41, boat of the year

It’s maybe a bit soon to announce it but, following the design prize awarded at the Genoa boat show, the Dufour 41 stands a very good chance of winning awards on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, this latest yacht to come out of the shipyard’s workshops in La Rochelle has been causing quite a stir since she was launched, racking up awards and nominations, and proving a big hit with sailing fans. The team will be taking a look back at the origins of the project and the design philosophy, with exclusive interviews of the architects Umberto Felci and Luca Aridizio.

A great introduction to the origins of a Dufour yacht.

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#3 – The Dufour 470 and Dufour 530, two dream-like yachts: experience and feedback

Since their launch, these two iconic yachts have been a huge success. With Jérémie Rousseau, Dufour 470 project manager, and Sébastien Lucas, Dufour 41 project manager, we invite you to step aboard and discover the sailing programmes offered by these 14 and 16 metre yachts. With testimonials from passionate owners who are delighted they chose a Dufour.

Ray Gil, the American owner of a Dufour 470 sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, takes us to Annapolis, while Allan Sparkes takes us to Australia aboard his Dufour 530 Korora Bay.

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#4 – The different types of access to sailing, how to finance your boat, anywhere in the world

Buying and financing a boat is a highly topical subject. How do you go about turning your dream into reality? What are the various means of financing? On the set, our 3 guests: Eddy Pazalja, Director of Partnerships for CGI Finance, Fanny Haussaire and Stéphane Villessot, Dufour experts on the French market. And joining us will also be Dufour’s European experts: Domenico Furci for Italy, and Daniel Kohl for Northern Europe..

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#5 – Hybrid boating, it’s simply child’s play!

We’ll be talking about eco-boating and giving you an exclusive look at our vision of the future of sailing. We’ll be going over the Fountaine-Pajot-Dufour Group’s commitments in terms of eco-boating and giving you a detailed presentation of Dufour yachts with hybrid electric drivetrains. We’ll be talking about operating instructions, energy and safety. We’ll also be going aboard the Dufour 470 Smart Electric for a live demonstration with special guests such as windsurfer Jean-Louis Guyader.

Want to find out all about Smart Electric boating and hybrid solutions? Then this is the webcast for you!

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