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11 Nov 2023 - 11 Nov 2023



A new edition of the Dufour Cups is coming up!

Why do you have to participate to the Dufour Cups:

  • Participating in a sailing cup can be an exciting and rewarding experience for many reasons.
  • Challenge: Sailing can be a challenging sport that requires skill, strategy, and teamwork. Competing in a sailing cup can push you to your limits and help you develop your sailing abilities.
  • Adventure: Sailing offers a unique way to explore the world and experience new environments. A sailing cup can take you to different locations and provide you with the opportunity to see beautiful scenery and wildlife.
  • Competition: Sailing cups offer the chance to compete against some of the best sailors in the world. The thrill of competing and striving to win can be a powerful motivator and can help you improve your sailing skills.
  • Personal Growth: Sailing can be a transformative experience that can help you build confidence, develop leadership skills, and improve your ability to work under pressure.

To register : 

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