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04 May 2022 - NEWS & PRODUCTS

⛵ Great success at the Dufour Cup in Marseille


On course for the Frioul Islands for the Dufour Cup – Dufour owners’ Rendez vous in Marseille

For the return of this unmissable Dufour event, Dufour shipyard and the brand’s loyal partner Midi Nautisme, organised a tailor-made event for the large family of Dufour yacht owners, that took place on 29th and 30th April off Marseille in the South of France.

In total, twenty Dufour yachts accepted our invitation. Among them, historical models from the shipyard such as the Dufour 34 Performance and the Dufour 412, as well as some more recent models from the range including two new models, a Dufour 470 and a Dufour 530.

The many owners and their crews really enjoyed getting together and experienced perfect sailing conditions and superb anchorages in crystal clear water!

The weekend was nothing but smiles, good humour and sharing good times between Dufour owners and the entire Midi Nautisme team. Some great sailing set the tone over these two days and gave loads of fun at the helm!

Welcome drinks in front of the CNTL yacht club

Drinks over dinner and welcome gifts: Dufour T-shirts, pens, bracelets, and a book that traces the history of the shipyard were offered to each crew.

Everything fell into place to present the weekend’s programme, and to get to know the different crews of the yachts in a friendly atmosphere, with the magnificent sunset as a backdrop.

Briefing over breakfast organised by Midi Nautisme

On Saturday morning, the crews met up in the port to get acquainted with the day’s course and the weather conditions.

Ideal conditions for the coastal race

The crews were delighted with the racing in Marseille harbour. With an average of 10 knots of steady wind and plenty of sunshine, the entire twenty-strong fleet Dufour yachts headed off under full sail towards the first mark, located off Pointe Rouge harbour, then on towards Cap Caveau.


The crews then sailed around the magnificent Frioul archipelago, arriving off the harbour, after having left Soudaras and Canoubier buoys to port.

They all arrived at the end of the afternoon in the port of Frioul where berths had been reserved for the event.

Prize-giving ceremony following some great racing

At Frioul, the Midi Nautisme teams, in partnership with Dufour and Uship chandlery based in the Vieux Port de Marseille, presented prizes to each crew.

The winner of the race in real time was Miss B, a Dufour 530 with a magnificent blue hull that’s kitted out for racing… BRAVO! The crew was delighted to receive a DUFOUR Trophy and gifts from Uship.

In second place was Maya, a Dufour 412 which demonstrated all the marine qualities of a true perfect cruising boat. The crew on board were Camille, Charlotte, Yann, Bruce, Jules and Oscar.

Third place of this podium went to another Dufour 412, Ermione and her crew made up of Claude, Marie-Christine, Laurent and Géraldine!

WELL DONE TO ALL THE CREWS who demonstrated tactics and sportsmanship!

Evening at the Commodore du Frioul restaurant with a party atmosphere

This wonderful day of sailing was rounded off beautifully as everyone enjoyed a great dinner in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

Thank you to all the owners and their crews for attending and sharing their passion for the sea and their Dufour yachts!

Congratulations to Midi Nautisme for the great organisation.

We’re looking forward to seeing you for 2 new editions of the Dufour Cup